Dear Customers!

Aristotle LLP is glad to offer you translation services.
Our goal is to render services of high quality at the real price.
Cooperation with us is very profitable for you, because our prices without exaggeration lower approximately on 50% then the prices of other companies, in particular:
from Chinese language — 2000 KZT for 1 page.

We insure the quality of our services, providing strict control: we work only with qualified entrepreneurs and make edition of each translation work before sending.

Our company possesses range of advantages:enru
1. Text edition – free of charge.
2. Work with any format of electronic documents.
3. Submission of translation in any desired format.
4. While calculating cost presence of blank page, schemes, pictures and etc. is not paid.
5. Extra charge for urgency is absent.
6. Discounts for regular customers.

All our advantages can be easily explained by high level of professionals, and, accordingly, by speed of work fulfillment.

In addition we are glad to offer you following services:
1. Notarization of translation, as well as pledge by the Company stamp.
2. Tutoring (English, Chinese languages). Attendance at your house or in the office.
3. China visas.
4. Accompany to China by local Chinese entrepreneurs.

 We are honest Company!


Our contacts (联系方式):

Address (地址): Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty 050011, 30 Spartak (the corner of Seifullin st.). The office building, office 310
Mobile (手机):    +7 707 434 434 4 ;     +7 707 333 33 26
E-mail: ;
Website (网站):



亚里士多德有限公司提供翻译服务。我们的目标 — 以真实的价格提供优质的服务。 我们合作对您有利,因为我们的价格合理,比其它公司的价格低50%左右,尤其是:
中俄文翻译 1页 — 2000坚戈。

1. 免费编辑文字。
2. 按照所需格式提供翻译。
3. 可以依据任何形式的电子文件工作。
4. 空隙、图表、附图等 — 不计成本 。
5. 不需要立即支付服务费。
6. 针对老客户有折扣。


1. 公证翻译及公司盖章。
2. 中英文家教服务。
3. 办理中国签证。
4. 将中文翻译者护送到中国。


ТОО "Аристотель"

Английский - 1000 тг.
Казахский - 800 тг.

Срочность, а также редактирование текста отдельно не оплачиваются.

Работаем с любыми форматами документов.

Минимальный заказ - 1 стр.

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